Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joanna visits Karachi

When I told my mom in January about a sweet lady from England I made friends with on the internet, I did not expect I’d get a chance to meet her. That too, so soon. It’s only been a few months since I’ve known Joanna Vroom and I owe it to twitter.
Luckily I’m in Karachi when it’s her first visit to Pakistan and I got a chance to go meet her.
Then my mom arrived on Friday and she got to meet Jo Aunty as well the same day. Mr Arshad was kind enough to bring her here to see all the cats we have upstairs.
She met my grandparents, my mom, my sister, my mamu, my mamis, my khala, my cousin and even my mami’s granddaughter. And of course, all the cats. Jo Aunty greeted everyone with “Assalam alaikum” =)
My nani was so excited especially since she had an excuse not to go for her blood test as Jo Aunt would be coming over. Nani kept saying, “kitni gori hain” and giggling. We translated the conversation between both the ladies.

Jo Aunty looked really nice in shalwar qameez though she couldn’t really handle the dupatta. And she brought gifts which was so thoughtful. She asked me if I had tweeted that she’s here and so I did. I conveyed Nimra’s (@hubristic) message to her and we talked about why Sara (@sarakhalili) doesn’t like cats. (She’s scared of them =P)I wish she could have stayed longer, it was so much fun. I really hope I get to meet her again, if she visits us in KSA or we go to UK or she comes again to Pakistan.