Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Expensive Cell Phone in Karachi? No way!

Karachi is a wonderful city. It has taught me so much. The value of a cell phone for one thing. For two years I went around fearlessly on the streets of Karachi telling myself, girls don't get robbed here! And then one fine morning during Ramazan, I was hurrying to my stop when these men came on a bike and said, "Madam, phone do!" And just like that, it was gone. I never kept any expensive phone during my university days. Still, I bought one from my internship money which wasn't so bad. And someone stole it out of my bag in a public bus!
Reading Shaheryar's blog post reminded me of the times I've been lucky. They're actually quite funny, the times I've "almost" lost my cell phone. See, when university ended, I asked my parents for a more expensive phone. I was cautious about carrying it outdoors. But when you're out with friends without a care of the world, you tend to lose focus. Especially if it's an amusement park.
I was with my sister and friends and we were at this ride which is all darkness except a screen. In the midst of being thrown around and laughing at my friend who was scared to death, I got this feeling that my phone plopped out of my purse and fell on the floor. My heart stopped. It was so dark and we had strangers sitting behind us. What if someone else got hold of it before me when the light came back?
So I told my sister, call my phone! And she was like, whaaaat? It took a while to explain to her what I wanted her to do. When she got her phone out and dialed my number, I saw a light on the floor. Ta-da! Phone found. *phew* That was a really close call. Of course, I ruined the whole ride for myself and my sister because of it. =D
This other time, we were going to our university Annual Dinner and I was hell excited since this was probably the last thing we'd be invited to formally. As I got off the taxi and moved towards the gate happy and proud of being the honorable graduate, I thought I heard someone calling me. My sister had my phone in her hand. The taxi driver had noticed something on the back seat and called her for it. Whoops! That was embarrassing.   I have a feeling the driver didn't know it was a phone, with it being in a case and the colorful dangling. Or maybe he was just an honest person. But that's very unlikely on the streets of Karachi. It's sad really. There have been other times I've lost my phone but usually I tend to look out for it as if it's my child I'm taking around. Sure hope I don't drop my kid in an amusement park ride ever O.o

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shrek Forever After - Review

After all those Shrek movies, I didn't know what to expect in this installment. Yet, it has a great new story. This movie brought back the memory of some old fairy tales that I had long forgotten. Like, Rumpelstiltskin who plays the main villain in the movie. Ah, how he tricks people still! And the piped piper! Here is one character I totally forgot about. I loved that story.
You'd think after meeting his dream girl, marrying her and having three kids, Shrek couldn't mess up anything. Yet he does. He kinda gets tired of life on his kids' first birthday. He does something stupid that causes his world turn upside down by of course, magic. Out of all the things that get changed, the pampered, over weight Puss (no more in boots) seemed the funniest to me.
Overall, this part of Shrek is a good watch with the lesson of being thankful for what we have. Also as Shrek realized, love is putting the happiness of our loved one before ours.

The Shrek website has the Do-The-Roar right here :
Haha! =D
Oh yeah, I loved all those Happy Meal toys and the Green Apple Sundae at Mc Donald's. That was nice going. ;)