Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Umrah Trip - In Photos

We started our journey by going from Dammam airport to Jeddah airport. Dammam airport, I like!

We took the Sama airline plane and landed at Jeddah airport. Before landing, the plane flew below the clouds and we had an air-tour of Jeddah from above. It was magical.

We went on a rented car till Makkah where we found a room on the 11th floor but thankfully quite near to Haram. What a view!

So we stayed here for about a day and a half. Going back and forth to Haram was simple and quick. Although the weather was really hot, as soon as you step on the white marble of Haram, it's unbelievably cool.

On the way we'd meet lots of pigeons. They've made homes in those windows up there.

The following buildings are right outside of Haram. Making it easy to find spots for lunch-ing.

and dessert-ing ;)
Then, we left for Madina.

And we found a nice hotel with good rooms, very near to Haram.

Look what we found at the back of the hotel.

We went to see Masjid-e-Quba also. Which is the first masjid of Islam.

And we flew from Madina to Dammam by Saudi Airlines. No one told me that it's a shorter flight. Which is why I got scared as the plane got lower and lower. =P

And here we are, back to dusty Jubail.

Time for doughnuts before we leave for home. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cake it!

My sister made me day dream of her baked items and then she simply decided not to bake. =P
So I had to do something about it and so I decided to give baking a try myself. Of course, I needed help and my sister eventually got excited herself.
And it was a hit. Because I suppose no one basically expects me to do these kind of things. =P
But baking is exciting. And yummy. =D
The cake fresh out of the oven...
and then we added icing...

and sprinkle some colorful things....
And it was READY to eat! =D

This is how we do it in our family. We graduate...and then we bake. =P
So I guess you can expect more, coming soon. ;)