Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And summer it is again

I started sleeping late and waking up early. It was weird since I don't have much to do all day. And then it hit me. I am sleeping normal hours a day. Around 8. It's just that in winters I was sleeping above 9. =D
And so, sadly, summer is here. I'm glad this summer in Karachi, I'm not out on the roads or anything. Seriously, whenever I visit University I always think, how the heck did I come all the way here for all those years EVERY SINGLE DAY?!
One last trip still remains for collecting my degree.
So I'm free these days. I was kind of freaking out the past few weeks. Sending out CV and everything. But now I'm like, why not just take the easy way and relax?
Problem is people kind of abuse that. Oh, she's FREE, they assume they can just ask me to do anything and I won't be able to say no. I have to keep in mind handy excuses for getting out of stuff that I simply do not feel like doing. But they're so randomly unexpected that it takes me a while to figure out what to say. Poor me.
Is it that important to be doing something at all times? It's not like I'm not doing anything. It's just that I don't have a job. =P
I have a month more in Karachi, so I'm planning to kick back and enjoy while I can.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Last year, when I got active on twitter, I was looking for an sms service that would help me update twitter. The official twitter service costs 6 rupees per update or in other words, as much as an sms to UK.
Why didn't I use gprs? After losing 3 cell phones on the streets of Karachi, I know better than to carry an expensive one here.
And then, I discovered mobi2weet. I registered my number and it was so great to know that the charges were of a local sms. I told my friend Sundus (@dunuss) about it and we used (or abused =P) it day and night to update our status. Got updates from people as well on the phone.
It was somewhere in Ramadan last year. There was a family plan for an iftar outing at KFC. It had rained so bad that the KFC branch near our home was closed. The workers hadn't shown up! So we tried going to another branch. And in the middle of all this, when water was seeping in from the car door, I got a notification that @mobi2weet just announced their first brand ambassador. Winner of the ipod shuffle. And for some reason, my twitter name was there. Got an sms from Sundus immediately, " Sheza did you just win?" And then it dawned upon me slowly.
The branch of KFC we went to wasn't very clean and we got food so late. But I was SO happy!
Then I mentioned to mobi2weet that my birthday is coming up and I'd like a pink ipod. (which was kind of not right to say)
But they were so kind, they sent me a pink one! And they tried to sync the ipod with my birthday.
The service has expanded and improved since I first started using it.
My twitter name is still on their website

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pet Society changes

The new pet society look; things I noticed:
- More coins when we visit friends
- The pet can be included in photos of the room
- The chest has a way of organizing things kept
- 3000 extra coins (the best part)
- The village look is all new, I wonder if we'll have that tree shaking way of getting coins anymore. Guess not, since the pet doesn't actually move around town. The cursor does =P
- The feature to check who's active and visited has been removed =(
- I have yet to find where the cleanliness level of the pet can be seen, has it been removed?

Oh and by the way, I wonder if this zynga and playfish copying each other is actually any use. I saw "gangster city" by playfish. We all know where that's been copied from. ROFL.