Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How To - Glitter Nails

I've had these small nail glitter pots for a while now and I couldn't exactly figure out how to get the glitter out and on my nails. I mean, they're not stickers or anything and using a toothpick to get them on my nails feels pretty tiring and messy.

Then I had an idea. I got this old lip gloss wand which had dried up and I dipped it in some clear nail varnish. Nothing fancy, a low quality of clear nail varnish. Next, I dipped the wand in purple glitter pot and glitter stuck onto the wand. I applied this over a coat of MUA nail varnish in shade 3.

 I must say applying it this way helped me have more control over where I put the glitter and how much of it I got on my nail. I am pleased with the results and I finally know how to make my nails sparkle using plain glitter.

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