Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Travel Tips ✈

- Don't put off packing for the last day:
When you know you have to travel it's good to prepare beforehand. When you're flying the next day, it can get a bit overwhelming knowing that you have to sort all your stuff and begin packing just then. So start putting stuff away. It doesn't have to be in a suitcase. Just reserve a section in your cupboard or your room where you can place these things. You'll be so glad later.

- Make Lists:
Make lists of things you have to buy before you leave, stuff you have to get done, things you have to pack and a final check list of essential items that you can quickly look at before you step out of the house like passport, watch etc. Once you've made a list/lists stick them on your fridge or mirror or just someplace where you will surely look at them. Lists are a small thing with big benefits.

- Be well rested:
Although air travel is mostly restful, still you don't want be all, huh? When you are asked to show your passport. Okay here's the truth; airport makes me nauseous. Specially if I'm traveling alone. I am fine in the plane, flying, taking off and landing is actually fun. But waiting lounges and immigration lines are a nightmare to me. So I need to be alert and feeling well to stay sane. But not just for those reasons, being well rested means you can think better in times of unexpected events for instance, a flight delay.

Happy Flying!

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